As you lay on a bed of concrete. Disapproval is apparent, not at all discreet.
Though you sleep without a home or bed, you haven’t a sign or a thing to be said.

Cold nights were upon us, yet you stayed there. On a bed of concrete that’s cold and bare. There’s always some who’ll spare a ration, there’re always more who lack compassion.

Even thought we hadn’t much food. I went to you offering, trying not to be rude. You smiled so gently you took it so lovely. Then broke it apart, to share with your puppies.

Sometimes at night we’d lay in our truck. I’d hear the pups crying, my heart was struck. Crying out how this world’s so cruel? It’s the greed that tries to hold rule.

Isn’t it sad? Isn’t it strange? The world needs love, so time for a change! Isn’t it concrete? Isn’t it obvious? Without greed there will be happiness.


*This is a true story of our venture on the west coast in 2016. Homelessness is very serious. Being homeless ourselves, it was degrading. There are so many who don’t take it seriously, they seem to joke or shun. But there is kindness out there and it is to those I thank.*


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