It has been a year now since I purchased my Enagic machine. In that year of having it in my house there hasn’t been a single trouble.

I felt that before I could really recommend it to anyone, I would try it out.

Since, I have discovered life is so much easier with it! Being a mommy of two I really worried about chemicals being used throughout the house and had to store it so high, I needed a stool (I’m 4’11”).

With the Strong Acidic Water, I merely turn on the water and switch to “Strong Acidic Water” and could safely wash the high chair, and disinfect as I wiped. My son could then resume eating, hallelujah!

It didn’t stop there! I was able to disinfect the whole kitchen as well!

I was flabbergasted by all the different benefits you gained healthily with WATER!

There are so many more, if I went into detail I would be writing a book here. If you want to know more about the different types of water go here!

Since drinking Kangen Water, I also noticed a change in my ph, many can’t go a day without showering, you start to smell a little (I know tmi) but it must be said!

I did some reading on the Enagic site and turns out, it was from me drinking bottled water!

Yes, bottled water is actually no more healthier than tap water. 😱 I was shocked and berated. A scheme bottled water companies pulled and not many know about it!!

Obviously it is healthier than a “soda” or “pop”, whatever you call it.. But a four year study by NRDC shows that 1/3 of the bottled water tested, contained levels of contaminants which exceed limits! 😡

Plus bottled water is slightly more acidic. No wonder my PH was all out of wack!

The same holds true for tap water as well. This part really got my goat! In 2004 the Environmental Working Group found 315 pollutants in America’s water alone! Over HALF of those go unregulated and can LEGALLY exist in any amount! What the heck! That was the turning point for me.

Check out what your water be holds.

I can’t even get started on reverse osmosis.. It’s a joke. After the process is complete there are still dangerous chemicals that are small enough to pass freely through the filter. What is the point? Not only that but it relinquishes healthy and naturally occurring water minerals.

Without those minerals your water lacks it’s good taste, and a vital function in your body’s system. Rendering it unhealthy.

Find out benefits to Kangen Water!

Those were just a fraction as to why I was glad to switch to being alkaline. It is said that disease can’t thrive in an alkaline body. That means the opposite is true for an acidic level. Huh and I wonder why we are the country with the most cancer patients, think hard on that one..

If you want to see a FREE demo, visit this link!

Now let’s talk a little about the company, you know there are bound to be knockoffs. Well there will NEVER be a machine comparable to these. They are the original manufactur.

So who is Enagic?

Enagic has been a leading manufacturer of specialized high quality water ionizer generating systems for over four decades!

They have been transforming hundreds of thousands’ tap water into healthy, hydrogen rich, and reduced electrolized drinking water  since 1974.

They believe that the best way to spread the word about their product is through direct sales marketing.

Meaning the give BACK to the hard working distributors. Unlike the competition who are retail. Those companies are looking for the highs profit as their priority.

I was glad to read their philosophy, it is based off three things,

  1. Realizing true physical health.
  2. Realizing true financial health.
  3. Realizing true mental/metaphysical health.

Proof that they are here for the people.

Overall I have to say that I am very much satisfied with my purchase and am looking forward to upgrading and trying their Ukon products as well.

If you are looking to start a business but don’t know where to start, this is the website you should be going to!  HERE! Why not start with a legitimate product and a company that cares?

Thank you so much for reading, I hope it was helpful!




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